Local September 30, 2019 | 8:13 am

Dominican Republic press freedom suffers a stunning blow

M. Zapete, left.

Santo Domingo.- The TV program “El Jarabe, which is hosted and produced by the journalist Marino Zapete, was taken off the air.

The program, which was broadcast on Teleradio América, didn’t air in its 3pm slot on Fri., as Zapete himself confirmed in a tweet, where he accuses the channel’s owners for taking the measure.

He said the decision was taken on alleged pressure after he revealed allegedly irregular contracts signed by presidential candidate Gonzalo Castillo, of the ruling PLD party.

Zapete appeared Monday on El Dia Channel 11, where he reiterated that Maybeth Rodríguez, sister of Attorney General Jean A. Rodriguez, obtained alleged irregular contracts from the government.

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