Local October 10, 2019 | 8:05 am

Two of ‘Abuser’s’ alleged associates to stay in jail

C. Peralta

Santo Domingo.- The National District Court of Appeals on Wed. ruled for the Office of the Prosecutor and upheld three months of pretrial detention on Manuel Sánchez (Pupilo) and the house arrest against Edward Patricio Montero Cabral (Zapatazo ), both alleged members of César Emilio Peralta’s (César el Abusador) drug trafficking network.

The court ruled for the prosecution after it demonstrated the links between the accused and Peralta, who is a fugitive.

The prosecution said their link to that criminal network have not changed, in addition to demonstrating that the measures imposed “are the most suitable for the serious facts that are imputed to them, in order to guarantee their presence to all acts of the judicial process.”

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