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Arium Health announces agenda of the 1st Latin American Digital Health Congress

Fedor Vidal CEO and Managing Partner of Arium Health USA and an international expert in health technology and business

This event will have experts and health and technology authorities that will analyze the challenges of the sector to promote a digital transformation in health.

Arium Health, an information technology services company that aims to improve health quality standards and promote digital transformation, announced the agenda of the 1st Latin American Digital Health Congress, which will be held on November 15th, at the Intercontinental Hotel of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Fedor Vidal, CEO and Managing Partner of Arium Health USA and an international expert in health technology and business, announced that the event holds more than 30 speakers.

The Minister of Health, Dr. Rafael Sánchez Cárdenas will open the congress, and as international guests Dr. Elsie Koh, chief medical information officer of Azura Vascular Care; Jim Rogers, senior director at Silverline, and Arturo Aceves-Serrano, director of international market and communications development for Philadelphia International Medicine.

Amelia Reyes Mora, president of AF Strategic Communication, an expert agency in health communication and health tourism and event coordinator, reported that the meeting is an ideal scenario to share, update, generate knowledge networks and exchanges of good practices.

She recognized the media partners, sponsors, and the endorsement given by many institutions.

Strategic issues will be addressed to support the transformation, such as Change Management: without change of mind, there is no change in the system, by Julio Zelaya, an authority on Change Management issues.

Luis Alberto Rodríguez, general director of the Medical Center for Diabetes, Obesity, and Specialties (CEMDOE) and AFFINIS, will speak on Precision Health. Edgar Matamoros, IT Services Solution Manager of Ricoh Latin America, will speak about the digital age in health: where are we going; while Mite Nishio, an innovation and telecommunications consultant will present the Impact of exponential technologies.

The panels will be moderated by Dr. Alejandro Cambiaso, president of the Dominican Health Tourism Association; Dr. Eduardo Read, president of the Dominican Association of Primary Care Centers; Juan Carlos Restrepo, vice president of Technology of Grupo Humano, and Eddy Martínez, president of the Cyber Park.

The Hospital Digital Transformation will be developed by Dr. José López, Medical Director of Central Romana; Greisy Concepción, General Director of Grupo Rescue; Héctor Sánchez, deputy director-general of Homs; Claudia Arvelo, Administrative Director of the Espaillat Cabral Institute.

The topic of Digital Transformation at the Risk Manager of Health entities (ARS) will be analyzed by María Waleska Álvarez, executive president of Nap del Caribe; Nepomuceno Mejía, senior manager of Knowledge Management and Innovation at the Plaza de la Salud General Hospital, and Lucas Gaitán, general director of Unipago.

The impact of the digital era in the formation of the new generation of health providers panel is composed by José Armando Tavarez, rector of ITLA; Leandro Féliz Matos, general director of Research of UNIBE; Eddy Pérez Then, dean of Health of O&M University, and Franklin Gómez, emergency and disaster residence coordinator at the Plaza de la Salud General Hospital.

Challenges of the implementation of primary care and the unique electronic medical record will be discussed by Dr. Pedro Luis Castellanos, Superintendent of SISALRIL; José Manuel Vargas, president of the ADARS; Dr. Francisca Moronta Ceballos, president of the Association of Family and Community Medicine, and Magdalena Rathe, executive director of the Plenitud Foundation.

The endorsements and sponsors include Amadita Laboratorio Clinico, Farmacia Carol, Ricoh, Philadelphia International Medicine, ITLA, INTEC, the Dominican Health Tourism Association, among others.

Reyes Mora highlighted and thanked the support of the media partners that have been unique to achieve effective dissemination of this important initiative: Listín Diario, Medihealth, Diario Salud, dohealthwell, Salud News, Diario de Salud, and La Consulta Médica.


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