Local October 31, 2019 | 11:00 am

Town folk ask Medina to shutter battery recycling plant

Santo Domingo.- Community organizations of Haina township asked president Danilo Medina to shutter a battery recycling plant that, according to them, contaminates the community with lead and chromium.

With signs and banners, the organizations request the closure of Verde Ecoreciclaje Industrial (VERI) battery recycler of the Meteoro Group, alleging that the Superior Administrative Court (TSA) ordered the provisional closure of the used battery plant until its operations are adapted to meet the parameters provided by environmental regulations.

Neighborhood Boards president Fausto Sanford, who spoke on behalf of the organizations, called on the Environment Ministry to comply with the Court ruling handed down June 12. “It is a shame that in this country a court orders an action and nobody feels obliged to comply with it, neither Environment, Public Health, nor the ministers.”

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