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Road safety is a daunting task that remains pending for the Dominican State

Greater Santo Domingo dominates in car accidents with 41%. FILE / LD

Santo Domingo, DR. – Each year the Dominican State invests around RD $ 60 million in order to deal with the more than 2,400 Dominicans who die annually from traffic accidents, and 2,500 injured and disabled, according to data provided by the Dominican Mobility Road Foundation (Moved ).

Added to this is the fact that during the first half of 2019 there were a total of 1,206 deaths due to traffic accidents, according to the Observatory of Public Safety, it can be predicted that the figures at the end of the year if so, will be similar or greater than the past. Keeping in mind the statistics and motivated by the conflicts that the country is currently facing in terms of traffic, a team of professionals from various areas formed a Non-Governmental Organization in order to improve that scourge that affects Dominicans.

The president of Movido, Miguel José Jiménez Díaz, spoke with journalists from Listín Diario and explained what the mission of this NGO founded last year was. In addition, he explained the objectives of the recent Regional Seminar on Education and Road Safety (Seresv).

Miguel José Jiménez Díaz, president of the Dominican Road Mobility Foundation (Movido). RAÚL ASENCIO / LD

“The seminar is consistent with the mission we have in Movido, say, contribute to the Dominican State in reducing deaths, injured and disabled by traffic accidents, since we are currently experiencing a very high number of deaths from traffic accidents,” explained Jiménez during the second day of the seminar that was held at the University of the Caribbean (Unicaribe).

He also commented that the birth of this seminar responds to the idea of ​​socializing with the attendees so they know what are the strategies that must be implemented to empower people around education and road safety.

Directed audience
Once it was clear what the purpose of this workshop was and from conversations with a higher education campus, it was decided that the focus of the first seminar should be aimed at young university students.

“The purpose was to do a road education seminar where young people and people from the university are integrated to learn about how they should have improved and focused concentration and skills whenever driving. The young public is the most affected, from 15 to 21 years, since they are the most inexperienced drivers in the country. Of every 100 people who have traffic accidents in the DR, 70 are young,” said Miguel.

The Movido Foundation has a multidisciplinary team to address the issues of traffic, road safety, transportation and road mobility in the Dominican Republic with the highest scientific rigor.

This month the first Regional Seminar on Education and Road Safety will be developed, a space where various professionals will present talks with various themes.

The seminar will discuss topics such as road social commitment, innovation, and application of Law 63-17, the scourge of traffic accidents, among others.

Movido will also make a pact for road safety, where it will commit all those who take the seminar to be promoters of these tools, skills, and ideas.

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