Local November 4, 2019 | 9:47 am

The rains continue today and tomorrow due to trough

The tropical wave leaves the forecast area, but leaves conditions that, linked to the instability caused by a moisture trough, will generate scattered downpours and isolated thunderstorms today towards the northeast, southeast, the Central mountain range, and Greater Santo Domingo.

In these areas, it has rained since Friday, interspersed.

The National Meteorology Office reports that due to the gradual improvement of the sea on the Atlantic coast, fragile and small craft from Saona Island to Cabo Francés Viejo (María Trinidad Sánchez) can navigate near the coastal perimeter without venturing further.

However, the agency warns that this alert could be discontinued in the next bulletins depending on the behavior of the downpours.

Temperatures show a maximum between 31 and 34° Celsius (88–93°F), with a minimum between 21 and 25° Celsius (70–77°F), with a slight reduction at dusk that would increase in the early morning, as is usual for the season of the year.

Despite the showers, water scarcity still affects many sectors of Greater Santo Domingo and other towns, because there has not been enough rainfall to feed the dams.

The Onamet report does not contain any information on phenomena such as storms, depressions, or hurricanes. Hurricane season ends on the 30th of this month.

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