Local November 18, 2019 | 11:09 am

Agency: set back a vehicle’s odometer, go to jail

Santo Domingo.- National Consumer Rights Institute (Proconsumidor) executive director Anina del Castillo, warned Mon. that the agency will prosecute importers vehicle who tamper with the odometer.

Interviewed on El Día by the journalist Huchi Lora, Castillo said “I told that you mentioned some vehicles that we are addressing, about the safety of the vehicle.”

“All the components of a vehicle can be safe and unsafe because in a vehicle they coincide in many parts, but when a vehicle is modified the odometer to make it seem less used than it is there is an additional risk and a direct affectation to the consumer that you are buying an old car at a price that should not be.”

“It is also affecting the driver’s safety because it can be a vehicle that should not be driven.”

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