Local November 21, 2019 | 10:21 am

The scandal of the entire barrio sold for US$3.8M

L. Almanzar

Santo Domingo.-  The former director of the Dominican Corporation of State Companies (Corde) and the former real estate manager of that organization, received bribes from the first company to which it was sold for 80 million pesos (US$3.8 million), the Los Tres Brazos sector, in Santo Domingo Este.

According to the Anticorruption Office (Pepca), Leoncio Almánzar received several checks from Juana Ynés Gómez Williams, whom they designate as representative of the company Inversiones Fernández Parache & Asociados (Infepa) , entity that later sold the land to Titulatec for RD$200 million.

“The analysis of the checks exchanged by the accused Juana Ynés Gómez Williams regarding the purchase of Los Tres Brazos, since 2009, reveals that the issuance and exchange of the same coincide in time with the trades signed by the accused Leoncio Almánzar Objío in the negotiation process between Infepa and Corde, in which the latter approved the proposals of the accused sellers,” the accusation says.

It adds that for the concept of “advance purchase of land Los Tres Brazos,” Infepa issued several checks to Gomez Williams but, according to Pepca, this purchase advance never entered the coffers of Corde.

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