Local November 25, 2019 | 9:20 am

Ravagers of southern Dunes challenge the authorities


Baní, Dominican Republic.- The felling of endemic trees continued yesterday in the Baní Dunes (south) in an open challenge to the authorities, despite a visit by Environment Minister Angel Estévez with a group of officials last Friday to confirm the ecological damage do in this scientific reserve by squatters.

Baní bishop, Víctor Masalles and community leaders have complained of the damage in the dunes for decades and have fought to preserve them as, unique in the Caribbean region.

He told Listin Diario that less than 24 hours after the minister’s presence, “the predators kept cutting down the forest of this park. “Here they cut down Saturday and are cutting down Sunday (yesterday), as if nothing, cutting trees and pulling down fences everywhere.”

On Nov. 15 Masalles denounced on a tweet that the ecological disaster of the dunes constitutes a shame.

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