Local November 26, 2019 | 11:51 am

Candidate ‘embezzled’ hundreds of millions is shunned like the plague

F. Bautista.

Santo Domingo.- Former senator Bautista Rojas, said Tuesday that San Juan province senator Félix Bautista has no ties to La Fuerza del Pueblo, the new political organization headed by former president Leonel Fernández.

Rojas said Bautista belongs to the ruling party (PLD): “The senator from San Juan stayed in the old party: we have nothing to do with that issue.”

Bautista, who last year faced charges of embezzling hundreds of millions of dollars, has been received with cold shudders by the PLD leadership.

Last week Dominican State Refinery CEO and PLD senior member, Felix Jiménez said Bautista “should be in prison” and accused him of illegal enrichment from his status as a public official.

Previously, in a public speech, President Danilo Medina, warned Fernandez’s supporters who stayed in the PLD with the intention to win electoral posts “with the effort of men and women of the PLD to then leave, we warn you that they won’t win.”

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