Local November 28, 2019 | 1:09 pm

Haiti-DR design plan to reduce smuggling

DAJABON. In order to control motorcycle smuggling, drug trafficking and crime, the high command of the Police of the Dominican Republic and Haiti met yesterday in the Villa Codevi border area, in the border zone.

The Haitian delegation was chaired by the Commissioner of the Administrative Police of the province of Juana Méndez, Moncher Biio and by the Dominican Republic the Northwest regional director of the Police with a seat in Valverde, General Boris Goico.

Commissioner Biio informed that they visited the Dominican authorities to coordinate some collaboration since Haitians commit criminal acts in their country and immediately flee to the Dominican Republic, to avoid being arrested and submitted to justice.

While General Goico demanded that the Haitian authorities help them to control the transfer of motorcycles, cattle, horses, and motorcycles from the Dominican Republic.

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