Economy December 8, 2019 | 7:43 am

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40.7% of public employees earn between $ 10,000 and $ 19,000 pesos/month

Santo Domingo, DR.

In the statistics published in October this year the Ministry of Public Administration (MAP), in its institutional portal, 180 public institutions are registered, which have 382,099 public servants, 63.83% women and 36.17% men.

In the distribution of employees by salary range offered by the MAP of these 382,099 public employees, 40.76% receive salaries between RD $ 10,000 and RD $ 19,000/month, followed by a 24% that receives between RD $ 30,000 and RD $ 39,000/month.

In the data offered by the MAP of these 180 public institutions, it is important to note the differences between institutions, for example, the Ministry of Education is the entity with the most employees, with a total of 212,140 people. 43% of those who work at headquarters earn between RD $ 10,000 and RD $ 19,000/month. However, in the Ministry of Economy, Planning, and Development (MEPYD), 30% earn between RD $ 50,000 and RD $ 99,000/month, and only 16.7% earn salaries between RD% 10,000 and RD $ 19,000/month.

At the Public Health headquarters, 52.1% earn between RD $ 10,000 and RD $ 19,000/month and at the headquarters of the Ministry of the Presidency, 43.4% reach salaries between RD $ 30,000 and RD $ 39,000/month, which evidences the predominant salary ranges vary from according to the type of institution in which the employee works.

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