Local December 9, 2019 | 10:39 am

Govt. to build 17 Km wall/fence at Dominican -Haiti border

Santo Domingo.- Seventeen of the 376 kilometer-long Dominican Republic-Haiti border have been chosen by the Government to erect a perimeter fence, which has already started with its tender.

Customs has avoided using the term wall to refer to the works, as happened in Elías Piña (west), ensuring a more efficient tax collection and to counter smuggling and human and drug trafficking in the area.

The virtually unchecked illegal migration poses the most pressing challenge in the country in terms of protection and security of the territory and one of the issues that most worry citizens.

In March of this year Customs director, Enrique Ramírez, rebuffed reports that what was being built at the Jimani border was in fact a wall.

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