Local December 12, 2019 | 12:45 pm

Dominican antinarcotics fumble let the ‘Abuser’ escape

F. Alburquerque

Santo Domingo.- National Drug Control Directorate (DNCD) president Félix Alburquerque last week swore ‘before God’ that intelligence agencies had tracked  via GPS a telephone of drug trafficker César Peralta “El Abusador” in the north region.

“On November 1 we followed a georeferencing we obtained in Loma de Cabrera. Subsequently, a group of them that we were following up met the first week, Friday, in a complex in Jarabacoa. The second week they repeated the same thing, and the third week we in a georeferencing, geolocation of a contact also pointed us to the complex.”

Alburquerque said that despite the siege the cordon mounted, Peralta managed to slip through, leaving Jarabacoa to Padre de las Casas and from there to the South. “That is the pure truth.”

However, the Colombian authorities, who made the capture, established that El Abusador had been in that country since October, and tried to live in Barranquilla until he was attacked by hitmen but escaped unharmed. An alleged shooter was injured and is detained.

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