Local December 16, 2019 | 5:21 pm

Drinking water supply in affected sectors could be normalized; look why

The general director of the Santo Domingo Aqueduct and Sewer Corporation (CAASD), Alejandro Montás, reported on the increase in the production of drinking water to 391 million gallons per day, the result of recent rains.

“These precipitations have been a blessing since this has allowed us to normalize the service,” Montás said while highlighting that with the rains the institution has increased the production of the liquid from 363 to 391 million gallons per day.

He added that among the rivers that have shown an increase in their levels are Isa, Haina, Duey, and Isabela. Similarly, Valdesia and Jigüey dams have increased the amount of stored water.

The director of the CAASD explained that this guarantees the normalization in the service of drinking water in the sectors that were most affected during the drought registered in the country since last year 2018.

Montás clarified that these rains were not so significant for the Nizao river basin, the source of which the Valdesia dam feeds, but that thanks to the available storage, there will be no impasse in the service for this reason.

Among the sectors that were most affected by the drought are those belonging to the municipalities of Los Alcarrizos and Pedro Brand, and others of the National District, such as Los Girasoles, in addition to Villa Linda, Palmarejo, Palmarejito, the residential areas along Avenida República from Colombia, Ciudad Real I and II, Villa Graciela, Arroyo Hondo Viejo and III, as well as some from the Santo Domingo West municipality.

The official said that these sectors are already receiving the drinking water service as usual, as they depend on the aqueducts that showed an increase in their production levels with the recent rains.

Precipitation is expected to continue in the coming days, as announced by the National Meteorological Office (ONAMET), to ensure an adequate supply of drinking water.

Despite this improvement, Montás reiterated the call to citizens to continue the rational and responsible use of water, since the saving of liquid should be a daily habit among Dominicans.

Alejandro Montás said that CAASD will be available during the entire Christmas holiday period, when users increase their water consumption, in order to guarantee efficient service.

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