Local December 19, 2019 | 8:13 am

Dominican Republic’s case against Odebrecht ‘won’t restart from scratch’

Santo Domingo.- Supreme Court chief justice Luis Henry Molina on Wed. said that the Odebrecht graft case will not “start from scratch” in the court where it was sent yesterday.

“The case against five defendants of the Odebrecht case that the Supreme Court declined to a lower court to hear the merits for a trial will not restart from scratch,” he said. The Attorney General’s Office subsequently confirmed the affirmation.

The AG said the case will be tried by a collegiate court of the National District against 5 defendants.

The Supreme Court ruled that “the process cannot be rolled back to stages already validly exhausted, by way of consequence, the agitated acts were exhausted based on the procedure instituted and applicable in these cases.”

The high court left San Cristóbal senator, Tommy Galán, out of the ruling, given in his status as legislator, for which he will tried by the Supreme Court.

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