Local December 24, 2019 | 9:49 am

And just what’s in those Christmas packages that Leonel Fernández distributes?

Christmas care package

This Monday, the presidential candidate for La Fuerza del Pueblo, Leonel Fernández, delivered Christmas boxes to some of DR’s less fortunate.

Diario Libre rummaged through one of them and found that there is a five-pound bag of rice, a bottle of frying oil, a package of spaghetti, a can of sauce and a can of salt, a bottle of cider, two bottles of wine and a pound of beans.

From 7:00 am hundreds of people line up to receive the traditional Christmas boxes, on the occasion of celebrating Christmas Eve.

Right on Bolivar Avenue with Benito Monción, adult and young women and men defy the sun, push themselves and even scuffle for a position or space to take a Christmas box home.

Likewise, the political team of the People’s Force made up of members and leaders with green caps and polo-shirts inscribed with 2020, adjust details, supply water and plan the order of entry towards Leonel’s campaign command, located in Benito Monción # 253.

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