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“Donate and adopt, do not buy” call to donate and adopt pets

Pets are people too, provide a LOT of company and have a LOT love to share!

Santo Domingo.- The Foundation PetHome and veterinary clinic Medved hosted a day of adoptions, encouraging families not to buy domestic animals but to adopt them instead.

A foundation and a veterinary clinic hosted a pet adoption day, encouraging donation and adoption and rejecting the financial trade and sale of animal species.

Medved, hand in hand with Pet Home Foundation, indicated that is shown to receive a pet in a family, helps relieve depression, while love and positive attitude are encouraged in the relationship with nature, in addition to that pets become an integral part—cherished members of the family.



The Pet Home Foundation and the director of the Med clinic, Dr. Pamela Dargam Said that it is intended to raise awareness about the animals that are wandering in the street.

“Every day they are more, either by abandonment or because they are lost and reproduce. We want to create the habit of “Adopt, Don’t Buy” spay, neuter, and give homes to those pets that live on the streets without access to food or shelter,” said Dargam.



The veterinarian said that the act of donating pets is an action of love and detachment depending on the welfare of these animals and that this bond does not occur the same when treating animals as if they were a commodity.

“In many countries, and also it’s beginning here in the DR, animals (mostly dogs) serve as therapy for people with autism and Down syndrome, among others. There are also animals that can be trained to help people suffering from epilepsy and diabetes. Essentially pets provide many benefits, but the biggest of all is the joy they bring, fill a void that many do not know they have,” said the specialist.

Dargam said that although this was the first campaign carried out by PetHome, it is expected to be the first of many, it is an opportunity to return these pets to society and show how much happiness people can experience when they bring a new pet friend and family member home.

The animals delivered during the activity had received at least one vaccination, deworming, and flea and tick preventative.

Medved is located at Paseo Broadcasters number 49B, the widening Evaristo Morales. Santo Domingo. Their phone number is 809-363-6221.

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