Local December 30, 2019 | 10:17 am

ONAMET forecasts scattered rains in several regions

Santo Domingo.- The National Meteorological Office (ONAMET) predicted for this Monday scattered rains in regions of the country several, including the northeast, southeast, Greater Santo Domingo, the central mountain range and in isolated sectors of the southwest region.

On Tuesday, the last day of the year 2019, the dominant factor will be the wind that will persist from the east/northeast, as it brings humidity that when interacting with the orography of the national territory, together with the effects associated with the diurnal cycle will lead to scattered rains and some gusts of wind in the afternoon and evening to the northeast, southeast (especially the Great Santo Domingo), southwest, central mountain range, and the border area.

While the temperatures will be pleasant to cool During the night and early hours of the morning, especially towards the mountainous areas and the valleys of the Interior, due to the fresh wind of the northeast and the time of the year. In urban areas slightly hot during the day, cool at night.

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