Local January 3, 2020 | 4:32 pm

Dominican Republic govt. holds my spouse hostage: ‘Abuser’

Santo Domingo.- César Emilio Peralta (César el Abusador) revealed in Colombia that he has links with a “high level” Dominican politician whose name he will divulge unless Dominican authorities release his spouse Marisol Franco, whom he affirms has nothing to do with his “business.”

The statements of who just one month ago was considered his country’s main drug lord emerged from a jail in Colombia, where he awaits his extradition to the United States.

Peralta gave an hour-and-a-half interview to Dominican journalist Carol Pérez, who visited him on December 31 at a high security prison in Bogotá.

Pérez resides in Colombia and is included in the lists of people authorized by Peralta to visit him at the El Bunker prison in Bogotá.

The journalist went to visit him on December 31 because it was a special date, New Year’s Eve.

César el Abusador told her that Dominican authorities keep Franco in jail to force him to keep mum on his business and personal ties with a national political figure.

“He told me that they want to keep him quiet and that’s why they have Marisol in jail,” Perez said.

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