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Three Kings Day: safe and appropriate toys for age!

Christmas and New Year’s may have ended, but that doesn’t mean the holiday season in the Dominican Republic is over.

For many Christians in Spain and Latin America, the holiday season officially ends on January 6, which is the 12th day of Christmas known as the Feast of the Epiphany, or Three Kings’ Day. The holiday celebrates the biblical tale in which the Three Kings, or Three Wise Men, visit baby Jesus after his birth.

On Monday, January 6, 2020, Dominican families will celebrate Three Kings’ Day by giving their children gifts. Children in Spain and Latin America are instructed to leave their shoes by the door of their house so, like Santa Claus, the three kings can come and leave them presents.

“We live in a world that is increasingly disturbed, and as parents, we must be forming boys and girls with a healthy body, mind, and spirit,” says the specialist in mental philosophy, Olga María Renville to base her consideration on the toys that they are given to the children for the Day of the Holy Kings.

From her perspective to a “maraquita” that she is going to give to her little one on January 6, which is the special date to flatter him, he must adjust to his age. “We always talk about this, but we do not take advice or take into account that there are some toys that are dangerous for what they represent for physical integrity and others that threaten emotional health. Moreover, there are some that even in the spiritual can damage, since they tend to have content that does not contribute to the religious values ​​that we want to instill in our children.”

The psychologist explains that, although everyone has their beliefs, fathers and mothers who want to carry a conservative message regarding religion should consider what contribution a toy makes or not. “This type of situation is sometimes given by the use of electronic and technological toys that are the ones that abound, and whose operation, if due attention is not given, may not be as beneficial for our children,” Renville points out.


From all this is that the specialist highlights the importance of age when giving a toy to a boy or a girl no matter whether or not it is Three Kings Day. “Babies should be given healthy games that do not pose a danger to them. They should not be blunt material or textures that can affect your internal and external health. I explain myself, there are wool objects, for example, that if the baby has respiratory problems, they can affect his health. Or what is also important, they can even suffocate if they don’t have constant vigilance,” she warns.

She argues that toys that are placed on the crib can also be distracting and are not always the most successful. Babies should be given rubber scratches, maracas of noble material and any object that is useful to them because when they are not old enough to play, everything that reaches their hands will also end up in their mouths as they explore their ability to grab and touch things.


Bigger. It is important to give them educational toys. Blocks are ideal to help them strengthen their skills and talents. For those of more advanced age, they will undoubtedly have to be provided with electronic toys, because you have to take into account the competition that exists between them in these times.

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