Local January 8, 2020 | 7:54 am

‘Be firm,’ chief justice tells the country’s judges

Santo Domingo.- “Do not let your pulse shake!” Supreme Court chief justice Luis Henry Molina told the country’s judges, whom he called to act with rigor when dealing with maneuvers, tactics, unjustified delays and unfounded claims of the accused and / or lawyers involved in a judicial process.

During his speech to mark Judicial Branch Day, Molina stressed that the Judiciary consolidated its independence in 1998 through a process of recruitment and selection of judges, training and judicial career regulated by law and regardless of external interference and political decisions.

“Do not let your pulse shake! Let’s eradicate these practices, because they are a virus that distracts strength and attention from the task of administering well-served justice. The guarantee of integrity that people expect is that we are judges attached to the law. Let’s understand once and for all, it is not the interest of a few participants that we defend, but the best interest of justice.”

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