Local January 16, 2020 | 8:17 am

Opposition presidential candidate would win with 43%: poll

L. Abinader

Santo Domingo.- Opposition Modern Revolutionary Party presidential candidate Luis Abinader would win next May’s election against Gonzalo Castillo, Leonel Fernández, Guillermo Moreno and any other candidate, in any of the possible scenarios.

However, Abinader doesn’t have enough votes to avoid a runoff, according to the Mark Penn survey published by the SIN media group.

If the elections were today Abinader would get 43%, Gonzalo Castillo of the ruling PLD 28%; Leonel Fernández (Fuerza del Pueblo) 19%; Guillermo Moreno (Al-Pais) 3%, other parties 1%, none / don’t know 6%.

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