Local January 16, 2020 | 8:48 am

U.S. ‘forced’ Dominican authorities to pursue the ‘Abuser’

Santo Domingo.- The intervention of third countries was what motivated the pursuit and capture of alleged drug kingpin César Emilio Peralta (El Abusador), who has been treated with “kid gloves” by the Dominican authorities, which allowed his criminal activities for more than a decade without major difficulties.

Even after the United States forced the pursuit, negligence and Dominican technicalities continued to favor the capo, who managed to spend more than two months in Colombia moving freely there while the local authorities insisted that he was in Dominican territory, conducting a series of raids in the interior.

Even after his capture it was said that the capo had been in the country days before his arrest.

Escape by negligence

The authorities also showed negligence in letting him escape when the raids against his partners and properties were carried out, despite the fact that the capo was located and in view of everyone in a popular tourist hotel in the East when there was supposedly a willingness to catch him.

“He was allowed to spend his weekend vacationing and returning to Santo Domingo, entering his apartment with his family and then “disappearing” just when his arrest was about to be executed,” El Dia reports.

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