Local January 17, 2020 | 8:01 am

Plastics dump in Dominican capital was a publicity stunt

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican National Brewery on Thurs. admitted dumping a large amount of plastics in the Mirador Sur Park.

It said it was part of a campaign to raise awareness and that judging by the results Dominicans aware of the damage done to the environment.

“We did it in a place that hurts the Dominican and for me is an example. Of all the comments that were issued on social networks I think it is a sign that the Dominican is aware that we are affecting the environment and that they are also part of the issue as we are,” said Johan González, legal and corporate affairs director of the company for the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean.

Yesterday morning the company conducted a social experiment that seeks to draw the attention of Dominican society on the problem of plastic and the need for the involvement of all citizens.

For that, he used, with the permission of the National District City Council and the Environment Ministry, one of the lanes of the avenues next to Mirador Sur Park to underscore the dimension of the impact that creates just 0.1 percent of the plastic that must be removed from the streets.

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