Local January 19, 2020 | 8:02 am

24-hour circuits begin to collapse in National District neighborhoods

Santo Domingo. Electric service has deteriorated in recent days in sectors of Greater Santo Domingo, with blackouts of up to eight hours affecting circuits for up to 24 hours. Electrical interruptions have intensified in sectors of the National District, Santo Domingo East, and North.

This week the blackouts wreak havoc in sectors of Santo Domingo Este such as Villa Duarte, Los Mameyes, Los Molinos, Maquiteria, El Pensador, La Tablita. Invivienda, Villa Carmen and others.

In Los Mameyes its residents complained that yesterday they were affected with several blackouts, they were already lacking drinking water, because there was no energy to turn on the water pumps which supply the water to their homes.

The interruption of the water supply also affects sectors of the National District such as Ciudad Nueva, San Carlos, Villa María, María Auxiliadora, February 27, Villa Consuelo, Villa Juana, widen La Fe and part of Arroyo Hondo.

The lack of electricity also affects sectors of Santo Domingo West such as Pedro Brand, Los Alcarrizos, Pantoja, Las Caobas and Bayona.

Small merchants are the most affected by the long interruptions that occur in the electric grid. The blackouts affect beauty salons, barbershops, tailor shops, blacksmith workshops and among others.

Colmaderos complain that sausages and other products that require refrigeration are damaged due to lack of electricity.

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