Local January 20, 2020 | 8:45 am

Corruption must be fought at all levels: biggest employer

Central Romana.

Santo Domingo.- For Central Romana Corporation Group president, Alfonso Fanjul (Alfy), the important thing for the Dominican Republic, leading to the February elections, is for democracy to remain and for corruption to be fought at all levels.

The CEO of the country’s biggest private employer considers normal the concern that electoral processes usually bring.

It’s precisely in these electoral times that you have to think about forging a great country, says Fanjul. “Changing your leadership and direction is like having our assets and thinking about what will be done next.”

“You know perfectly well, better than me, that the moments of elections are worrisome for everyone; but I think the important thing is that democracy remains and here, what is important is to fight corruption at all levels,” he said, quoted by Listin Diario.

Fanjul: “I do have faith in the Dominican Republic and a lot of faith in the Dominican people.”

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