Local January 27, 2020 | 8:14 am

Dominican Republic opposition candidate poised to win: poll

L. Abinader

Santo Domingo.- The Gallup-Hoy survey found that Luis Abinader, of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), leads the way in any of the scenarios of the May presidential elections, though the intention of the vote expressed in his favor is not enough to avert a runoff and unseat the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), which has been in power for 16 consecutive years.

If the presidential elections were today 42% would vote for Abinader, 31.4% for Gonzalo Castillo, of the ruling PLD, and 15.5% for former President Leonel Fernández, of the People’s Force, an organization he created following his ouster from the PLD, in October 2019.

Abinader, who participates for the second time in presidential elections, would receive 89.9% of the votes of those who say they sympathize with his party, as well as 65.8% of those who favor the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD), 14% of the who sympathize with the Christian Social Reform Party (PRSC), and 5.2% of those who adhere to the People’s Force.

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