Local January 29, 2020 | 6:47 am

There will only be showers in some villages

Showers will be recorded, mostly in the afternoon and in demarcations of the North, Northeast, Southwest and Central Cordillera regions, due to the effects of a frontal system near The Bahamas on the North Atlantic Ocean, according to the National Meteorological Office (ONAMET).

In the rest of the country, there will be good weather for outdoor activities and visiting beaches and spas, according to forecasts.

It is expected that temperatures will be pleasant in the early morning and early hours of the morning, being slightly hot in the day due to the effects of the warm south/southwest wind.

For the province of Santo Domingo, Onamet forecasts that there will be scattered clouds and it will be sunny.
In the National District there will be scattered clouds and sun. Rains will be scarce.

For tomorrow, Thursday, Onamet forecasts indicate scattered clouds and quite a few hours of sunshine in almost the entire national territory, with possible passing showers in the Northeast, Southeast, and Central Cordillera regions, especially in the afternoon hours.

Last night there was little rainfall in much of the Dominican Republic and there were only slight increases in the afternoon when isolated showers occurred in focused areas of the Northeast and the Central mountain ranges. Rainfall was scarce in other locations.

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