Local February 4, 2020 | 11:20 am

Liquid paper in National Park hotel scandal

Santo Domingo.- Court documents reveal that the purchase of Parcel 24-A, within Cotubanamá National Park (east), was agreed between Globalia and Corsair at least three years before concluded.

In 1997 Corsair C x A held a general meeting of shareholders on February 28 and an extraordinary general meeting on June 10 in which “the transfer of parcel No. 24-A, of the Cadastral District No. 10/2 was operated of the Municipality of Higuey, “in favor of the Globalia Dominican Republic Company,” according to documents filed in the Superior Land Court, quoted by Diario Libre.

The judicial resolution processed in 2005 by the Higuey Cadastral District 10/2 was in response to a legal request presented by lawyers Jaime J. Roca and José Antonio Columna in favor of his client José Michelen Stefan to void the civil acts that led to the sale of the Parcel, that is, the meeting and the general meeting of shareholders of Corsario.

Although Michelen failed to nullify the transaction, the Superior Land Court resolution was sent to the Real Estate Jurisdiction and remains with all documents related to the property in which Globalia planned a tourism development that president Danilo Medina ordered halted.

“The purchase operation was carried out effectively in the year 2000, but the original documents that rest in the Real Estate Jurisdiction present a possible adulteration of two dates – cleared with liquid paper and written over – that are vital when defining the history of the what can or cannot be done in this field: the day and month in which the sale of the Parcel was registered and the day and month in which the president of Corsair C x A, Charles Thomas Ogryzlo, granted special power to Miguel Garrido Álvarez, who represented the company during the sale.”

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