Local February 13, 2020 | 12:00 pm

Root for the Govt. candidate or lose your job

G. Castillo...a puppy Trujillo?

Santiago.- The alleged refusal to participate in a motorcade of the ruling party (PLD) candidates in Puerto Plata province cost three govt. employees their job despite having worked in Customs for over for 15 years.

Ramón De Jesús Lizardo; Catalino Saldaña and Rafael Peña Cid, all leaders of the PLD linked to former president Leonel Fernández and Fuerza del Pueblo, said they decided not to attend the motorcade on Saturday, headed by PLD candidate Gonzalo Castillo.

Lizardo, Saldaña and Peña said they were called from Customs headquarters in Santo Domingo, and were notified of their definitive termination.

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