Local February 14, 2020 | 8:30 am

Corruption: Washington’s main concern on Dominican Republic

Senator Felix Bautista, yanked US visa.

Santo Domingo.- The director of the Western Hemisphere Program Office of the International Bureau of Anti-Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL), said Thur. that corruption is Washington’s main concern on the Dominican Republic.

Patrick Ventrell said that’s why they will continue promoting cooperation to increase capacities in the fight against drug trafficking and strengthen institutions, warning that they will continue to cancel the visas of corrupt people and their families.

“We don’t want bad actors to think that they can operate with impunity and that their families continue shopping in Miami, nor that their children study in the United States: That will not continue to happen,” he said.

Ventrell added that the United States Government provides assistance by promoting institutions to build capacities that improve ethics, technical systems and ways to control and lessen the temptations or threats generated by corruption.

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