Local February 18, 2020 | 8:47 am

Elections sabotage? Colonel’s arrest thickens plot

Santo Domingo.- National Police colonel Ramón Antonio Guzmán Peralta, bodyguard of opposition PRM party presidential candidate Luis Abinader, was handed over to police together with Claro telecom technician Manuel Antonio Regalado Martinez Monday night, and who allegedly alerted that party that, through govt. agencies, that a plot was hatched to sabotage the municipal elections.

The officer was handed over by the lawyer Antoliano Peralta, who said the charges include terrorism, arms trafficking, money laundering and other crimes, …everyone knew that these were apparent charges.”

“The colonel in the arrest warrant is charged with arms trafficking, money laundering, terrorism, conspiracy, etc., but we know that these are apparent accusations, we imagine what we are trying to investigate but we cannot communicate that because we have no confirmation.”

When asked if his detention was linked to the case of the complaint of fraud in the municipal elections of the Central Electoral Board he said: “Well, the colonel says he has received, you will see in this note, information from a technician of a telephone company that people linked to State intelligence agencies manipulated the Board equipment. The colonel affirms that. His only participation is that he received that information.”

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