Local February 18, 2020 | 3:57 pm

Venezuela VP: Dominican Republic Gov. ‘lackeys of the US’

Santo Domingo.-The first Vice President of Venezuela’s ruling party, Diosdado Cabello, on Tue. criticized the suspension of municipal elections in the Dominican Republic, which he attributed to the Government of that country, and whom he labels as “lackeys” of the United States .

“Yesterday there were elections in the Dominican Republic, they deployed the tables, the centers and suddenly in the act they were suspended the elections in the Dominican Republic Who can suspend an election? Who is losing, the government in this case, the allies of the United States (…) imagine that this happens in Venezuela. How will the middle of the world be? Oh no, but right now they say nothing because those are allies of the United States, the lackeys of the United States,” said Cabello, second in command in Venezuela.

He said that what happened in the Dominican Republic, is a normal behavior of the right.

the politician and military officer, is an outspoken critic of Washington and its actions in Latin America.

“When they see what is coming, they have no choice but to say that they are not in condition, we know that,” said Cabello in a televised speech.

Dominican Republic’s municipal elections were suspended Sunday, hours after the voting began, and after technical failures occurred in at least 50 percent of the polling stations.

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