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Product prices rise between 3 to 40 pesos

Sellers of the New Market complain that there is a smaller flow of customers.

Complaints Among those who climbed are beans, oil, eggs, and meat. Sagacity. Customers buy in markets rather than in supermarkets and grocery stores; They believe it is cheaper.


SANTO DOMINGO. -The products of the basic basket have increased from 3 to 40 pesos in the last week in some sales centers of Greater Santo Domingo, which has alerted sellers and consumers, who have to have more money to be able to stock up.

Among the items that increased prices is beef, which five days ago was selling at 95 pesos a pound, now it is at 100, for a rise of five pesos; pork, five days ago the pound was sold at 65 pesos, today it costs 70, increasing 5 pesos; cod, a week ago cost 93 pesos a pound now sells for 115, up 22 pesos; a pound of garlic a week ago sold at 140 pesos today costs 180, for an increase of 40 pesos.

Citrus fruits also reflected significant increases, so Wander Santos, who is 15 years old as a New Market trader, says that “it is very difficult for them to go down until Holy Week passes.”

The unit of sour lemon “Persian” was sold a month ago from 3 to 4 pesos, today it is shipped from 6 to 10 pesos, for a rise of 3 to 6 pesos; the unit of sour orange a month ago cost from 2.5 to 3 pesos, now ships at 5 pesos, two pesos more expensive.

“I found some products with some five or ten pesos more: milk, cheese, salami,” said Nancy Segura, who was shopping in a shopping plaza.


The Minister of Agriculture, Omar Benítez, said that the people can be assured that there are enough chickens, rice, eggs, food, and beans in the country, so he promised that the Dominican Republic will not lack food.

Offer issue

– Justification
The Minister of Agriculture, Omar Benitez, said that “prices in the economy go up and down, depends on the supply; when a price goes up, the offer is not enough and when it goes down, there is an oversupply.”

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