Local March 7, 2020 | 7:20 am

There will be showers, strong waves; cool temperatures

Today, during the morning hours, good weather conditions will prevail, but when the afternoon comes a mass of air with a higher moisture content will be gradually established, it is associated with a prefrontal trough that will move into our territory, therefore, cloudy increases accompanied by scattered rains, being moderate locally with isolated gusts of wind will occur in provinces of the border area, Central Mountain Range, the northwest and north regions. At night a frontal system will arrive providing more moisture, favoring the aforementioned conditions.

Tomorrow Sunday, from the dawn a cloudy sky will be observed in part of the country with scattered rains, presenting intensities between weak to moderate locally, thunderstorms and gusts of wind in much of the national geography. In the evening hours and during the night we anticipate the continuity of the cloudy ones, while the rainfall will be increasing in frequency and intensity, being between moderate to strong locally, especially in the north, northeast, southwest, central mountain range and some areas of the border area.

For the beginning of the workweek, the frontal system will be over the Mona channel, maintaining humidity in our territory, in addition, said humidity will have an impulse associated with a trough at medium and high levels that will favor the permanence of wet weather conditions and unstable, with significant cloud increases occurring with frequent heavy rains between moderate and strong, predicted to be intense in isolated points, thunderstorms and occasional gusts of wind towards the provinces of the regions: north, northeast, east, southeast, northwest and central mountain range.

Temperatures will feel pleasant until the later hours of the morning, being even cooler at night and early morning, especially in areas of mountains and valleys, due to the time of the year. Slightly hot in the afternoon with winds from the east/southeast, however, tomorrow Sunday night winds will experience a significant decline, mainly in the north of the country, due to the cold mass that comes behind the frontal system and the fresh wind predominantly from the north.

Maritime conditions are still normal today, however, from Sunday, the waves will begin to deteriorate on the Atlantic coast, we anticipate that seas can exceed 10 feet in height, in that sense, be attentive to our newsletters, since restrictions and alerts can be issued this afternoon.

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