Local March 14, 2020 | 8:05 am

Companies guarantee food supply to the Dominican population

One of the CCN Group supermarkets. (PHOTO: ARCHIVE / FREE DIARY)

Businesses grouped into the National Organization of Commercial Companies (ONEC), Association of Industries of the Dominican Republic and CCN Group guaranteed the Dominican population the supply of food products and basic necessities, given the demand that supermarkets have experienced in the last few hours before the coronavirus alarm.

In a statement, the signatories, together with the state entity Pro Consumidor, call on the population to remain calm.

They guaranteed that they can cope with the increase in demand for these products, given that “there is enough in storage and that the production chain can supply the replacement of them, the production chain will continue to work even in difficult circumstances.”

They called on the population to avoid compulsive shopping.

Here is the full statement.

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