Local March 15, 2020 | 8:33 am

Optimal conditions for outdoor activities

The weather conditions will be influenced today by an anticyclonic circulation, favoring a generally dry and stable environment, with a sky with little cloud activity, many hours of sunshine during the day and little chance of rain over much of the Republic. In this sense, the conditions in the Dominican Republic will be favorable to carry out all types of outdoor activities in the country, however, the possibility of some cloudy concentrations with short-term isolated rains towards highly focused areas of the north coast is not ruled out, due to the north-east component wind flow.

For Monday and Tuesday, no major changes in the meteorological environment are expected, a scenario will continue, characterized mainly by low rainfall over most of the provinces, due to the atmospheric stability that anticyclonic circulation will continue to provide, except for some localities in the areas. mentioned above where it is possible for short-term weak rains to occur due to the trade winds.

Temperatures will be pleasant to cool, especially in areas of mountains and valleys at night, early morning and even until the early hours of the day, due to the time of year and the north/northeast wind.

National District: Slightly cloudy and possible isolated gusts of wind.

Santo Domingo West:          Mainly sunny during the day and possibly isolated gusts of wind.

Santo Domingo North:          Mix of clouds and sun. Possible isolated gusts of wind.

Santo Domingo East:            Little cloud activity and possible isolated gusts of wind.

Greater Santo Domingo:    Maximum temperature between 28ºC and 31ºC and minimum between 19ºC and 22ºC.

Summary: Optimal conditions to carry out all types of outdoor activities, except for some isolated short-time rains. Nice to cool temperatures at night and early morning. Little rain for Monday and Tuesday.

Today: Partly cloudy at times with some isolated short-term rains to highly focused areas in the north and northeast, due to the northeast wind flow.

Monday: Little rain over much of the national geography. Scattered clouds, partly cloudy at times with possible isolated showers towards some localities near the north coast.

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