Local March 16, 2020 | 7:22 am

Opposition poised for landslide in Dominican elections

Santo Domingo.- The opposition party (PRM) on Sun. scored two municipal election victories in the National District (Carolina Mejía) and Santo Domingo Este (Manuel Jiménez), the two main city councils of the capital, but also won in Santo Domingo Oeste (Juan Andújar) and advanced in a closed battle in Los Alcarrizos.

For its part, the ruling PLD party is winning in Santo Domingo Norte with Carglos Guzmán and Boca Chica with Fermín Brito.

As of 5:50am Mon. the results in Greater Santo Domingo with 52% of the precincts tallied:

Santo Domingo Este, PRM, Manuel Jiménez 60.21%

National District, PRM, Carolina Mejía, 57.95%

Santo Domingo Norte, PLD, Carlos Guzmán, 53.33%

Boca Chica, PLD, Fermín Brito

Los Alcarrizos, PRM, 41.07%, Junior Santos 37.26%.

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