Local April 2, 2020 | 8:39 am

Wholesalers synchronize and ration to guarantee supply of products

Personal security and hygiene measures are established.

SANTO DOMINGO.- Given the limitations to move freely imposed by the Covid-19 quarantine, the Association of Wholesale Traders of Santo Domingo has had to establish synchronized routes, ration and fulfill orders via electronic networks to distribute the basic products of the basket (family grocery shopping) familiar to the different areas.

Wilton Tejeda, president of the entity, also said that they have seen the need to ration the goods to guarantee the public a regular supply, and there is no more hoarding by one or the other.

“We have difficulties in the transportation systems, and what we are doing is adopting measures that will correct the shortage, billing appropriate amounts that we can mobilize in a synchronized distance range so that we do not make work difficult,” Tejeda explained.

He reported that so far there is no shortage and the market has the necessary provisions, although there are dispatch limitations. However, they have fleets of vehicles to reach grocery stores and other establishments, with the exception that they are only operating until noon.

“As wholesalers, we have a responsibility to reach all of our affiliates.

Only Cristo Rey has 280 members, but not all arrive at the same time because the policy that prevails is isolation, “said Tejeda, who said they comply with the protocol to avoid physical contacts.

The products in greatest demand continue to be those of the family basket (staples), such as rice, beans, sugar, oil, pigeon peas, and pasta, among others.

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