Local April 7, 2020 | 10:37 am

Vehicle crashes into the sea off the Las Américas highway driver survives

A gray Hyundai car crashed into the Caribbean Sea near the entrance to the racecourse, on the Las Américas highway, after its driver lost control but fortunately managed to survive the ordeal.

According to authorities at the scene, the driver, Joel Bladimir Fragoso, 41, was traveling at high speed heading east when he lost control due to a tire blowout, plunging into the ocean in the vicinity of kilometer 14 of the Las Américas Highway.

Bladimir Fragoso was forced to smash out his car’s front glass, plate A-819824, with his fists.

He was taken by a 911 unit to the Darío Contreras Hospital with cuts on his hands. After getting out of the car, he was rescued by several members of the rescue units who threw a rope to carry him over the reefs.

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