Local April 27, 2020 | 3:49 pm

Presidential candidate: Dominican govt. foot-drags the crisis

Santo Domingo.- Guillermo Moreno, president of Alianza País (ALPAIS), said on Monday that the Dominican Government after more than 50 days of the first case of COVID-19 registered in the country, and over a month after the state-of-emergency declaration has shown no signs that the strategy carried out so far is assertive in containing the pandemic.

“Beyond the fanciful assertions of the last speech of the President of the Republic, the Government’s strategy has not been anything assertive. After more than 50 days of the first coronavirus case and more than a month in a state of national emergency, curfew, and so on, there are no signs in sight of the containment of the pandemic,” said Moreno, presidential candidate for Alianza País.

He added that in any country with a minimum of democratic institutions, the Executive Power and Congress would be active in concerting with all the political, economic, social, and citizen sectors to debate everything that is involved in the pandemic and its consequences, to define an agenda and work strategy of shared responsibilities.

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