Local April 29, 2020 | 12:47 pm

Alleged Odebrecht bagman turns on his former bosses

Santo Domingo.- Alleged Odebrecht bagman Ángel Rondón on Wed. said the State Electric Utility (CDEEE) and the Finance Ministry disregarded judicial decisions, hiding information to favor the construction company and accused judge Jorge Reyes Lara, of “acting in complicity with the multinational.”

In a statement by his company CONAMSA, Rondón says that they have three rulings from different courts that have recognized the amount and validity of the US$25,669,563credit he affirms hasn’t been able to claim.

He said they’ve started a legal process against Odebrecht, a company that already has a case open in court accused of bribing business leaders and officials.

Rondón, the main defendant in the US$92 million Odebrecht graft case, added that judge Reyes, is “highly committed to the cause of the company and its lawyer.”

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