Local May 6, 2020 | 9:58 am

Another crisis scrambles the Govt.: drought

Santo Domingo.- Presidency Minister, Gustavo Montalvo, on Tue. said that “great challenges” that could aggravate the crisis derived from COVID-19, such as the drought, cannot be ignored, which once again appears and affects areas of the country.

He said that once again the drought has come to impact the Sierra area in Santiago, the San Juan de la Maguana valley and other parts of the Dominican Republic.

Montalvo said though the consequences of climate change can be controlled, since the start of problems with water, the presidential commission to confront the coronavirus has put into operation the Committee for Drought Mitigation, which has remained active due to the fact that the water is essential to fight the coronavirus, as well as agriculture.

“The drought has been felt in the Northwest Line, in the Montecristi coast area and in the western fringe of the San Juan de la Maguana valley. To combat it, the Ministry of Agriculture, the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources (Indhri) and the National Institute of Drinking Water (Inapa), which are part of the Committee, have enabled the necessary trucks to meet the water needs of the communities.”

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