Local May 7, 2020 | 2:53 pm

Smoke from burning landfill will be quelled in 72 hours, if weather allows

The Minister of Public Works, Ramón Pepín, stated that the fire at the Duquesa landfill is not accidental and that an investigation is warranted. GLAUCO CARPET

Santo Domingo.- Public Works Minister, Ramón Pepín, affirmed Thur. that if weather conditions allow in 72 hours they will eliminate the smoke from the Duquesa landfill.

Meanwhile smoke continues to spew from the central and western part of the dump.

He said that if the situation continues as is, he estimates that in seven days he would finish completely solving the problem that affects residents in Greater Santo Domingo.

Pepín spoke at the landfill while inspecting the sit together with Defense Minister Rubén Paulino and Army chief, Estanislao Gonell.

Pepín said work is being done as planned to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

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