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The Caribbean, most popular tourist enclave according to Zoom background images

Dreams of the Caribbean

The wallpapers with incredible landscapes have been the best alternative for many users who have transferred their work activity to homes due to the quarantine that is carried out almost everywhere in the world by COVID-19.

Video conferencing and virtual desktops have been used more than ever thanks to applications such as Zoom, the great protagonist of insulation, and wallpapers have been the perfect facade to vividly enliven the spaces of the houses.

In this sense, the British travel company  Kuoni, after analyzing the Google Trends data, revealed the most popular destinations used in the Zoom funds, with the  Caribbean being the number one with a search percentage of 9.9%.

In second place is  Australia and the Maldives, followed by  Vietnam,  New Zealand, and SwedenPortugal and  Spain closed the “top ten” list.

Regarding the most popular background landscapes include safaris (9.9%), mountains (9.8%), and city landscapes (8.1%), according to


Top 10 Most Desired Wallpapers

  1. Caribbean. 9,900%
  2. Maldives. 9,800%
  3. Australia. 9,800%
  4. Vietnam. 9,700%
  5. New Zealand. 9,700%
  6. Sweden. 9,700%
  7. Philippines. 8,800%
  8. Canada. 8,500%
  9. Brazil. 8,500
  10. United States. 8,100%
  11. Ireland. 7,200%
  12. India. 6,500%
  13. Portugal. 5,000%
  14. Spain. 4,900%

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