Local May 13, 2020 | 12:42 pm

Dominican ruling party VP candidate drops a bombshell

M. Ceceno.

Santo Domingo.- Vice President Margarita Cedeño and candidate to repeat in the position as Gonzalo Castillo’s running mate, on Tue. said she was a better presidential candidate for the Dominican ruling party (PLD) than Castillo.

When Mariasela Alvarez told her that many people think she would’ve been a better candidate than Castillo, she nodded and answered: “That is the reality.”

On the accusations by vice-presidential candidate for the People’s Force, Sergia Elena Mejía de Séliman, that Castillo doesn’t have political experience, Cedeño said: “you do not have to come to personal terms to exercise politics.”

Intellectually disqualified

“While the presidential candidate has to be the center of the campaign for the July 5 presidential elections, the PLD seeks to confuse the country and as its presidential candidate uses the vice presidential candidate to benefit her, associating her with capacity and experience that she does not have,” Mejía said in a statement.

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