Local May 19, 2020 | 11:55 am

Demands for Dominican vote abroad snowball

Santo Domingo.- The non-partisan civic movement and Dominican chapter of Transparency International on Tue. demanded that the Central Electoral Board (JCE) make greater efforts to guarantee the vote of Dominicans abroad.

In a press release, Citizen Participation drew attention to delays in the work necessary to guarantee the suffrage of Dominicans overseas and demanded that the JCE and the political parties guarantee this right, preventing their postponement in the next elections, stoke a political crisis with serious institutional consequences and a further deterioration of democracy.

“In the framework of the actions of our electoral observation program of the presidential and congressional elections of July 5, we express our concern that just 47 days before the elections, 45% of school officials still have to be appointed in district number 1; at 27% in district number 2, and 10% in district number 3.”

“In total 3,330 officials would be lacking for 37% and in some key places the delay is greater, such as in New York, where 53% missing or New Jersey missing 56%. Once the school volunteers have been appointed, the entire stage of their training remains to be carried out.”

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