Local May 28, 2020 | 2:41 pm

Big business wants state of emergency extended

Santo Domingo. – The National Business Council (CONEP) on Thur. asked Congress to accept the request for the extension of the state of emergency, considering that the conditions that gave rise to it persist.

It also noted that at a time when the economy is gradually reactivating, restrictions are necessary to guarantee control of the pandemic.

The main business union in the country explained that it is expected that with the resumption of activities, new outbreaks of virus contagion will appear, which, depending on their severity, may require total or partial resumption of isolation measures by area or national level.

It said that Article 10 of Law No. 21-18 on the regulation of the States of Exception is the basis for timely adoption of all necessary measures to combat infectious diseases such as the coronavirus.

CONEP stated that, as in the rest of the world, the main challenge facing the country at this stage is to guarantee a balance between flattening the curve, mitigating the economic effect and guaranteeing social freedoms in the Dominican Republic. “For these reasons we ask the congressmen to accept the request for the extension of the state of emergency.”

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