Health June 5, 2020 | 9:55 am

External Sector with Gonzalo delivers thousands of masks in the Simón Bolívar sector in Dominican Republic

The Operational Directorate of the External Sector with Gonzalo (SEG) delivered more than two thousand masks to the residents of the Simón Bolívar sector of the National District and to all the people who moved around that area, with the mission of protecting the citizens of Covid-19.

The delivery of the masks was directed by the operational director of the SEG, Chaily Massiel Rosado, who assured that they carried out that social work taking as an example all the solidarity work that the presidential candidate of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) has been carrying out, Gonzalo Castillo throughout the country.

“We are donating around 2,000 masks so that the people of this community feel cared for, protected, and feel that we are here giving them a helping hand,” said Rosado.

Likewise, he expressed that “we are inspired and for this reason, we are doing an act of solidarity on the part of the External Sector and its Coordinator Donald Guerrero, along with the entire operational team.”

He assured that he was very moved by the comments of the people of that community since they assured that Gonzalo is the only one who is helping citizens and the reception of the people motivates them to continue helping the community.

He added that they will continue working tirelessly “because we are imitating the actions of Gonzalo Castillo and we are sure that he will be the next President of the Republic and will continue to help all citizens.”

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